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Beyond the Buzzword: Why Culture Matters

Culture Needs as Much Time and Investment as Other Strategic Initiatives

Guide_Why Culture MattersCulture has gone from a side perk of workplace life to a prominent part of every organisation’s identity. In a world where professionals are looking for meaning and purpose through the work they do, companies are paying more attention to how culture shapes the employee –and ultimately the customer –experience. There is now an understanding that investing time and resources into developing the right culture can have huge effects on productivity and profitability.

Beyond the Buzzword: Why Culture Matters: discusses:

  • How culture should be treated like a product
  • What leaders can do to foster employee engagement and positive organisational culture
  • The importance of a “people first” mentality

Beyond simply material benefits, culture permeates throughout companies and effects the mindset and attitude of employees at all levels. By giving it proper attention, organisations can create a workplace where people feel valued and become more engaged performers.