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Best Practices for Improving Strategic Initiative Outcomes

Status Check: Aligning Initiatives With Strategy and Execution

Doing it Right. Improving Strategic Outcomes.Business leaders are tasked with planning, executing and delivering key initiatives against strategic objectives and KPIs. With many such initiatives having transformational, organisation-wide implications, the risk is high. But the reality is that many businesses view these initiatives as disconnected from the realm of project, programme and portfolio management. This piece will discuss how businesses can adopt core project management principles, processes and best practices to mitigate risk and optimise outcomes.

Best Practices For Improving Strategic Initiative Outcomes discusses:

  • The six attributes leaders need to have in order to drive change
  • The positive impact of business analysis and risk management on your initiatives, and how to reap the benefits
  • The most common reasons organisations tackle large-scale transformational initiatives or projects

Sadly, many initiatives, programmes, launches and projects don't align to organisational strategy. Transformational changes succeed because everyone, from the C-suite down, understands why changes need to occur, and management provided the resources and freedom for the workers to figure out what needed to be done, and how to do it. With credible and effective leadership, the skilled application of strategic project management and business analysis practices, and enthusiastic support from the people most affected by the change, organisations can greatly reduce the risk associated with launching new strategic initiatives.