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Leveraging Influence to Move Your Project Forward

Effective Strategies for Managing Without Authority

Guide_Leveraging InfluenceAs collaboration becomes more persuasive within organisations, business leaders are often asked to work with stakeholders over whom they have no formal authority. They can no longer rely on “command and control” to get the job done but, instead, must be able to effectively manage without power. This is challenging for many business leaders, and most are left feeling frustrated, immobilized, and unable to fully execute their projects or strategic initiatives. However,by leveraging relationships and the power of influence, line of business leaders can maintain project momentum and achieve desired outcomes.

Leveraging Influence to Move Your Project Forward discusses:

  • The six principles of persuasion and how they can help leaders initiate change
  • The critical connection between relationship building, influence, and strategy execution
  • A step-by-step approach to managing up, down, across, or diagonally within organisations

Influence is an important tool for today’s leaders, especially in a fast-moving, ever-changing business context. Organisations that understand the value of this critical management skill—and take the time learn and apply it correctly—will be able to execute faster, respond to change better, and, in turn, gain a competitive edge.