Rising Above the Jargon: Speaking Plainly to the C-Suite About Project Management

The Difference Between Information and Communication in a Project-Based Environment

Rising Above the JargonNoted journalist Sydney Harris said, "…the two words information and communication are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through." Tasked with communicating complicated status updates, dependencies, priorities and pains to senior leadership and tactical project-based workers, project managers often fall into that trap. They confuse the doling out of facts and figures with ensuring that their audience understands the nuance and implications of their project reports and updates. 

Rising Above the Jargon: Speaking Plainly to the C-Suite About Project Management discusses:

  • The many causes of ineffective communication with the C-suite and other strategic stakeholders
  • Tips for speaking plainly to the C-suite in the language they understand and will motivate them to become engaged 
  • The secrets behind collaborative engagement, and extending your collaboration beyond status updates or regular meetings

The secret to effective communication with senior leadership is to keep the executive’s perspective and purpose in mind with every interaction. Burying them in the details, while important, fails to accomplish your goals if you don’t also interpret the facts and educate about the implications of those facts and figures. The most effective project leaders ensure that they grab (and keep) the attention of the C-suite through effectively communicating what is important to them in language that they will respond to.