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Conquering the Challenge of Adopting Lean and Agile Into Your Business

Meeting Today’s Business Demands With Lean and Agile

Agile webinar coverToday’s business environment is complex and hyper-paced. As expectations from customers, employees, shareholders, and the executive board continue to increase, the pressure for better, faster, cheaper, more innovative products and services is pushing the limits of what businesses can sustainably achieve.

For these reasons, and many others, businesses are turning to methods of operation like Lean and Agile to better adapt to the realities of today’s demands. The challenge? How do you successfully introduce a transformational operating technique into your business without compromising your strategy, and at the same time creating a high opportunity for early and sustained measurable success?

In this webinar, Conquering the Challenge of Adopting Lean and Agile Into Your Business, Michael Jebber, Product Director of Lean and Agile, discusses:

  • The common obstacles organisations face in meeting demands today, and recount how Lean and Agile have found their way into the business community
  • Practical approaches to adoption that will minimise risk and maximise opportunity for measureable success
  • How successfully blending Lean and Agile into your culture is key to sustaining and improving your results year after year

The value provided by Lean and Agile is realised from the approach used to leverage and integrate these philosophies and techniques within a business, and not from simply introducing a new framework. 

Lean and agile Practises

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