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[Why Strategy Execution Should Be Top Priority For Leaders]

Yet Often Gets Ignored

Presented by Antonio Rodriguez, the world's leading champion of project management and strategy implementation discusses why it is that senior executives do not regard strategy execution as an important means for their organisations to succeed in their long term plans.

Through years of research, Antonio has discovered that most leaders see strategy execution as something abstract, often left to destiny. Consequently, senior executives:

  • Do not devote enough time developing strategy execution competencies in-house
  • Lack a basic understanding of how to link each of their strategic initiatives with the company’s strategy
  • Fail to implement a formal selection process and investment committee in order to discuss, prioritise and decide on all new strategic initiatives
  • Lack the means to monitor the success or failure of their strategic execution and strategic initiatives

So why do so many senior executives feel this way? In an attempt to reach a deeper understanding of the reasons for their views, Antonio seeks to answer the following questions:

  1. Do the theories of the most highly regarded business management gurus - those that influence the way businesses are managed (e.g. Taylor, Drucker and Porter), mention strategy execution and/or the importance of its link with project management?
  2. Do the top business schools - those that train most senior executives and future leaders, teach the value of strategy execution? 3. Is strategy execution regularly discussed in the finest business publications?
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