The Strategy Execution Alignment Skills Bridge

Applying Leadership and Communications Skills to Improve Strategic Execution of Project-Based Work

TwentyEightyStratEx-bridge2In order to bridge the gaps and create alignment, leaders need to evaluate teams across a range of technical and relational skills that support strong strategy execution alignment. Think of strategy execution as the “roadway” on a bridge, which enables seamless two-way flow of information between strategy and execution with the required technical and relational skills as the pillars supporting the roadway. This enables you to clearly identify and discuss the critical knowledge and skills required for success.

Download the Strategy Execution Alignment Skills Bridge, as it discusses:

  • Training your employees vs. hiring new talent
  • The importance of both technical and relational skills, and how to enable your team to excel at both 
  • Bridging the skills gap to empower your employees and better execute against your corporate strategy

Strategy making and execution are essential to organisational success. However, many organisations are continuously challenged with bridging the gap between the two. Over the years, research has shown a significant amount of time and resources are spent building strategies. Too often though, when strategies are translated into project-based work—the projects, programmes and portfolio efforts that enable forward momentum—there is a break down, resulting in failure to achieve the organisation’s strategy.