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Maximise Growth and Minimise Risk by Managing Business Strategy Like an Investment Portfolio

Status Check: Treating Programmes, Projects and Initiatives as if they were Personal Investments

Maximize Growth and Minimize RiskWith so much business opportunity presenting itself in so many dimensions, business unit leaders and corporate executives are challenged to find the optimal path to growth. They often face large numbers of diverse business initiatives, all representing different levels of growth, profitability, and risk. Choosing well among all of those opportunities can make the difference between mediocre and stellar growth. 

Maximise Growth by Managing Business Strategy Like an Investment Portfolio discusses:

  • How to take risks confidently, resulting in better decisions about which initiatives to pursue for your portfolio and which to kill 
  • Improving “the fundamentals,” so your organisation executes strategy with operational excellence that stays aligned with overarching business strategy across the entire portfolio 
  • Maximising overall returns through superior allocation of resources among your portfolio of business initiatives

Whether you’re making a large or small transition, resetting a strategy, or acquiring a company, assess the impact on various elements of your organisation – and your people – and address it quickly and forthrightly. Improve your teams’ fundamental skills associated with executing against strategy and managing initiatives or projects and you will reduce risk, better understand the risks you face and how to mitigate them, and always execute in alignment with your organisation’s strategic intent.