12 Forces That Will Radically Change How Organisations Work

The Supply and Demand of Talent in a Project-Based Business World

White Paper_Twelve ForcesThis paper from Boston Consulting Group’s “The New Wave of Working” series is the result of a year-long analysis of the global business landscape, and examines the areas and drivers causing disruption in the ways that organisations function. 

12 Forces That Will Radically Change How Organisations Work discusses:

  • Trends affecting the supply and demand of the talent we need to get work done
  • How companies need to re-think their approach to “work” and the execution of their strategic goals
  • The way changes in technology, generation of business value, resource distribution, and workforce culture are impacting how businesses function

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has identified 12 trends that are having a radical impact on how businesses are getting work done. Managing against these trends requires leadership skills that many business leaders are finding that their teams are lacking, but an understanding of these trends and what they are doing to your business is a valuable first step in understanding how your teams need to evolve and adapt. Descriptive definitions of these forces, and illustrations of how companies are managing against these changes are the highlights of this important study of what leaders need to know in order to get work done.

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