Adaptive Strategic Execution

A New Approach to Business

Taking Project-Based Work to the Next Level

The complexity of today’s business context demands that organisations regularly revisit their strategy and adapt their work, while also accelerating the speed of execution. Organisations must consistently balance the need to achieve strategic goals and respond to changes in their industries and markets in order to drive business success.

How Work Gets Done

Projects are the means by which strategies are executed and goals are achieved. As projects become more critical, and the environment in which they are executed grows more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA), the need to become more adaptive heightens. At every level, leaders of project-based work are forced to be more responsive to unanticipated market shifts, more resilient to unpredictable disruptions and more adaptive in situations where what “has always worked” no longer does. Having leaders with the right approach, methods, tools and capability to drive project-based work is an organisation’s most valuable asset.

Leaders are the leverage point to execute projects and drive results. By developing leaders with the right mindset and skill set to navigate this business context, organisations can increase their ability to execute strategy and achieve goals.


Adaptive Strategic Execution Programme

Smarter project-based work for a more complex world.

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Strategic Execution Certification

Become a Certified Strategic Execution Professional

The Adaptive Strategic Execution Programme focuses explicitly on building leaders who can master the three domains that influence and define how work gets done: strategy, work, and people.

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Project Engine

The Project Engine - Our Holistic Approach

In order to run a well-oiled machine, business leaders must not only ensure that all the parts are working properly and groups are functioning efficiently, but also be able to step back and examine the bigger picture. 

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adaptive leaders needed

Adaptive Leaders Needed

Leading project-based work today requires skills beyond managing tasks and timelines. Developing leaders’ skills is the best way for an organisation to ensure higher levels of engagement and project success.

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