How Project Work Gets Done

Innovation. Performance. Scalability. The ability to hone in on these areas can create competitive advantage in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) business environment. To address these initiatives and ensure their success, companies need to empower their leaders and managers with the tools, resources and insights to execute their strategies consistently and reliably in the midst of continuous business change.

Building Blocks for Strategic Execution


The building blocks for strategic execution are projects, those activities put in place alongside regular operations to achieve specific goals. New businesses, products, services, channels and markets are created through project-based work.

Programmes + Portfolios

When grouped together, closely related projects are referred to as a programme. In turn, the overall set of programmes is your company’s portfolio, the strategies in which your company is choosing to invest.

Strategic Alignment  

Achieving alignment and maximising performance of project-based work is critical to successfully executing the strategies your company has identified to deliver on key initiatives.

Adaptive Execution

Business today requires project leaders to think more strategically and move away from only using processes and procedures to get work done, and instead solve business problems by using adaptive skill sets. This concept of adaptive execution is permeating organisations across the globe.

Getting Work Done

The clear and solid lines that used to delineate disciplines like project management, business analysis, and strategy execution are disappearing, and organisations are instead creating a blend that works for their products, culture, and strategy to get work done.

At Strategy Execution, we believe that with the right foundation of skills and resources, leaders can equip themselves, their teams, and their organisations to successfully get work done in our current business environment.

Training Approach

Our Approach

Establishing High-Functioning Organisations in Today’s Business World

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Adaptive Strategy Execution Training

Aligning Work With Strategy

Develop the mindset to think and act strategically and translate organisational strategy to your own work. 

Transforming Project Teams

Transforming Your Project Team from Good to Great

Managing Without Authority to Motivate Diverse Project Teams

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